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September 3, 2021
Linwood construction services

About Linwood Construction Services (LCS)

Linwood Construction Services (LCS) is a division of Linwood Homes that completes the entire build process for our customers in Ontario.

It offers an easy, all-in-one solution for building your Linwood Home. It is ideal for those who are looking for a hands off and hassle-free construction process.

Our team of certified builders can take your home package right from site development, through foundation and framing, to complete finished interiors with Linwood Construction Services. Designed to streamline the build process for any Linwood Home, LCS makes your home building process easy.

Only the Best Builders in Ontario

LCS takes the stress and planning out of the build process. Every LCS builder is very familiar with our packages and process with many building exclusively for Linwood Homes every year.

We use a tiered ranking system when we are assessing builders and trades for LCS. Our tier 1 builders are the best in the industry and have a proven history of building high quality homes, consistently on time for our clients. These builders and trades are held to a very high standard on every job. Unlike a builder working for a one-off customer, our Tier 1 builders know that they can’t cut corners as they are only building Linwood Homes every year. We only accept those who take pride in their work.

Our vast network in Ontario ensures that there is a team ready for you and available year-round.

Our team has been able to meet even the tightest deadlines and they provide an elevated level of service from start to completion. With LCS, you get better service, skilled labor, accurate prices and timelines, and a 50+ year history of success.

Proven Trust and Success

All of the popular Princess Margaret Lottery cottage prizes, designed by Linwood, are built by Linwood Construction Services. LCS is the team that the Princess Margaret Lottery Foundation trusts to build on time, and to a high level of quality year-round for each lottery cottage prize.

We take this very seriously and as a result, have completed over 45 stunning lottery cottages that have been both Early Bird Prizes and Grand Prize lottery homes for the Princess Margaret Lottery. We apply this same level of quality and expertise to your home building project.

Advantages of Building With LCS

A True One Stop Shop for Custom Construction, backed by Ontario’s best builders

  • Every trade organized by LCS’s Project Managers to take you from site servicing to construction to landscaping
  • More crews available to begin your project when you are ready
  • Price Transparency delivered through fixed-price contracts
  • Tarion certified, able to take your project from concept through to completion
  • Trusted partner of the Princess Margaret Lottery

Along with our time-tested process, years of experience, and trusted service, LCS uses a project management software that gives you transparency into your build. Find out how long your project will take, stay up to date with progress photos and watch your home come together before your eyes, all without having to be on site. Through the process, you get a dedicated Project Manager who facilitates each step of the building process and ensures high quality construction. You can ask questions, discuss concepts and have assistance available every step of the way.


The Linwood and LCS Construction Process

LCS was created to take the Linwood process and expand on it to create your complete building solution. It’s important to be aware of the steps needed to get to the final build stage of your home.

  1. To begin, you work with Linwood’s Project and Design team to come up with concept that meets your needs. Your Project Advisor will liaise with LCS’s team on your behalf throughout the process.
  2. When your concept design is complete, your Project Advisor will get LCS quotations organized based on the service option you prefer.
  3. Once you sign, your Project Advisor will organize everything related to your Package. Your LCS Project Manager will begin to schedule trades and organize construction.
  4. Through the build process, you’ll work with the LCS Project Manager and be able to follow your project directly through your project’s online portal.
  5. When your home is complete, you and your LCS Project Manager will complete a Pre-Delivery Inspection (PDI) to ensure your home has been finished to a high quality standard.
  6. Once the PDI is complete, the keys are handed over and you’re ready to move into your new Linwood Home!

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LCS Service Options

LCS offers 4 different options to meet the different needs of various customers. Building is complicated and labour intensive process, so we focus on saving you time by giving you a solution you can trust.

However, getting involved in your project can be an exciting challenge. For customers with more individual expertise, time available or who want to save money through sweat equity, LCS also has options.

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1. Full Turnkey (Most Popular)

Our best and most popular option takes all of the stress of building out of your hands. LCS completes your project from start to finish. The team manages site development (from access roads, to well/septic etc), excavation, foundation, framing, utilities/servicing, installs insulation and drywall, completes the interior finishing, and even landscaping. All construction activities are fully coordinated efficiently based on the site-specific design requirements, and the individual needs of the homeowner. LCS is Tarion certified and will obtain a Tarion permit for every turn-key project.


  • Easy, simple and hassle-free as LCS takes your project from start to finish
  • Fast build timeline as LCS coordinates everything

Ideal for:

This option is the most popular amongst our clients. It’s ideal for those with a busy schedule and little to no construction knowledge. When LCS is finished with your project, all that is left is to move in and celebrate your new home.

2. Completion to Drywall

With the Completion to Drywall option, LCS manages your project from site development to excavation/foundation, framing, right through to drywall. This leaves the home ready for interior finishing. This is a great option for customers who want to work with a trusted interior designer, or want to complete some of the finishing work themselves.

LCS supplies the foundation and the framing labor to complete the structure of the home to the lock-up stage using all of the materials included in the Linwood package. LCS supplies electrical, plumbing, and mechanical rough-in services. LCS then supplies and installs insulation and drywall so the interior is ready for painting.

This service option does not require a Tarion warranty.


  • Foundation & structure of the home is complete to the drywall stage
  • Client has creative freedom over interior design, selection and finishing work

Ideal for:

This option is great for those who have an interior designer in mind, or who want to work on the interior finishing themselves. Interior finishing is the part of construction where many more people have familiarity from past renovation work. This can be a good way of reducing cost through sweat equity.

3. Foundation & Labor To Lock-up

With this option, LCS constructs the home from site development, to foundation and framing to the lock-up stage. LCS supplies pours the foundation and manages the framing labor to complete the structure of the home using the Linwood package.

After the lock-up stage, you as the client organize electrical, plumbing, and mechanical rough-in services as well as insulation, drywall, and interior finishing.


  • Client has the freedom to manage the project
  • LCS takes the home from package stage to structural lock-up; organizing the trades that few customers have experience with.
  • Client can use their own trades for excavation, rough-in services, insulation/drywall and interior finishing

Ideal for:

This option is ideal if you are knowledgeable about construction and want to manage or work on your home yourself. You have the ability to take the lead on your project and navigate multiple stages of the whole construction process. This option is excellent for those who want the unfamiliar process of foundation and framing covered, but want to be able to take over the project at the more familiar stages.

4.  Labor To Lock-up

This is the most hands-on option for clients. It’s good for those who want to be involved in their build at each stage. With the labor to lock-up plan, you as the client arrange for the construction of the home foundation in accordance with working drawings and local building codes. You then also obtain foundation inspection approvals.

LCS supplies framing labor to complete the structure of the home to the lock-up stage using all of the materials included in the Linwood package.

Once the structure of the home is complete and at the lock-up stage, you arrange for electrical, plumbing, and mechanical rough-in services as well as insulation, drywall, and interior finishing. This option is ideal for those who want to organize their trades and add in the interiors themselves. These customers tend to have familiarity with the entire build cycle, likely having built at least one or two custom homes before.


  • Client is in total control of the project
  • Client can negotiate and manage pricing and timing of each trade

Ideal for:

This option gives you as the client the most control over your build. If you have experience in the construction industry and are looking to take on the project of building your own home, this gives you the highest level of flexibility while still having support available in the key framing stage.



Note: The full extent and availability of these services may depend on the project location. LCS is currently only available for our Ontario projects.

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The Complete Building Solution

Working with our experts allows you to stay in control and gives you better cost certainty by helping you make informed decisions to get the right building solution for you.

tarion certified

LCS is Tarion Certified

Tarion had provided new home warranty protection for over 40 years in Ontario, protecting millions of Ontario homeowners. Tarion protects both buyers as well as those building their dream homes, they ensure your biggest investment is safe, secure, and protected. LCS is fully Tarion certified and committed to client safety.


Location: 265 Iron Town Lane, Marmora, ON.
Phone: 1-613-689-1255 or 1-877-232-2634

Start Your Project With Linwood Homes

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