About Us

Since 1968 Linwood has been making dream homes a reality.
The Newboro

About Linwood

Our process is designed to make custom home building easy.

We offer:

  • Hundreds of Designs
  • Prefabricated Materials
  • Network of Local Builders

For over 50 years, Linwood has helped thousands of customers build their dream home in North America. We have even delivered custom home packages to over 25 different countries.

Our capabilities cover every size and style. While we are known for our signature post and beam homes, we have built everything from a 224 sq.ft tiny home to a 45,000 sq.ft conference center. We have won many national and local home building awards.

The Better Way to Build

Understanding Your Dream

The first step is engaging with our design and project advisors to begin conceptualizing your dream. Whether you are creating a custom design or selecting from our 500+ models Linwood’s team will guide you through the entire custom home building process.

Site Specific Design™

Understanding your property and its characteristics are integral for the success of the build. Some sites are serviced and easily buildable, while others are more remote and unique. Our Site Specific Design™ process saves you money by keeping site development costs to a minimum.

Design to Budget

Our design to budget approach gives our clients the control to understand and evaluate the many factors that go into building a custom home. Linwood’s design and project advisors help you throughout the design process to meet your target budget.


Product Selection

Once the design is finalized, we take you through the product selection process. Our guidance helps you choose the right premium materials based on the quality, performance, and cost of all the components included in your custom home package.

Permit Plans

After the finalization of design and materials, our drafting team completes permit-ready plans which are compliant with national building codes. Some jurisdictions may require the use of local engineers. In this case, we will work with them to get you through permitting as fast as possible.

Builder Selection

Linwood offers you guidance on selecting the right builder for your project. This gives you the option of hiring a General Contractor from our large network of local builders, choosing your own GC, or even building the home yourself.

Delivering Your Home

Our skilled in-house team prefabricates and assembles your customized materials, ready for shipment to site. Materials are factory organized by area of use and indexed to your construction drawings. This makes the building process faster as everything is available on-site when needed.


Support During Construction

Linwood offers valuable technical support to you and your builder while your home is being built. In addition, our detailed Owner Builder Manual helps you understand the entire construction process so you can maintain control over every stage of your project.

Living Your Dream

Building your dream home is a rewarding experience. Our complete building solution is designed to make the result as easy and cost-efficient as possible. We want to help you live your dream lifestyle and create great memories for generations to come.