Linwood Homes Opens A New Distribution Center in Marmora, ON
November 30, 2022
Linwood Homes opens new Marmora office


November 23, 2022 – Marmora, ON – Long standing custom home company, Linwood Homes, is opening a new distribution center in Marmora, ON.  

Linwood Homes, founded in 1968, specializes in luxury, custom-built homes and recreational cottages. Originally based in British Columbia, Canada, the company has established offices across North America and shipped to over 25 different countries.  

Linwood Homes marmora office in Ontario

The Linwood head office is based in Delta, BC, where all the manufacturing and distribution of the home packages takes place.  

In recent years, Linwood has faced increased demand for local distribution services outside of BC, in Ontario and Eastern Canada. 

As a result of this demand, and the growing Ontario market, Linwood Homes is proud to announce the opening of a fully functional distribution center in Marmora. This facility is designed to service the Ontario, Quebec and Atlantic customer base.  

This multi-acre property is located at 265 Iron Town Ln, Marmora, ON K0K 2M0. This center is fully operational and will benefit clients and their building experience with Linwood.  

It features:  

  • A warehouse of 6000 sq.ft and multiple dry storage out buildings 
  • Full complement of material handling equipment 
  • Annual inventory of 1,000,000 board feet of SPF and treated dimensional framing lumber, plywood, Douglas fir posts and hardware components. 
  • Staff include 6 full-time fulfilment personnel 

It will cut shipping times for clients and increase local resources for Linwood. Clients can expect faster shipping times, on-site package assembly and local support from our team. The addition of this facility to the distribution model has enabled Linwood to bring high-quality Western product offerings closer to their Eastern customers.   

This is excellent news for Linwood’s Ontario offices, as the new facility will benefit Linwood’s clients directly. Canadian Sales Manager, Sam Clark, reflects on the decision saying:  

“The expansion of our Marmora facility will provide an increased inventory capacity. This increased capacity will allow us to expand our purchasing power, meaning we can pass further savings to our customers and deliver building materials in Ontario more quickly.” 

Linwood Homes Construction

Likewise, the new distribution center will also function as a hub for Linwood Construction Services (LCS). LCS focuses on construction, building Linwood homes and interior finishing. LCS, combined with the Linwood Design & Material Package creates the complete building solution for Ontario-based clients.  

LCS services clients across Ontario. They are also the team dedicated to building the Linwood prize cottages for the Princess Margaret Lottery.  

Linwood Homes hopes to see continued growth and expansion in the future and the team is happy to have the resources available to make the Marmora office expansion possible in Ontario. 

linwood homes package delivery

The long-term benefits of the new Marmora facility include:  

  • Increased inventory storage capacity taking advantage of market pricing lows in order to extend price protection. 
  • Reduction in freight costs while also minimizing job site accessibility restraints with more short-haul transport options. 
  • Expanding delivery window from Linwood to job sites when highway restrictions are in place. 
  • Reduction of manufacturing and production timelines from final production drawings to job site delivery 

Looking to the future, 2023 and beyond will see further development of the Marmora location. This includes increased staffing, additional dry storage, delivery vehicles and complete eastern US delivery ability.  

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