When it comes to shipping your custom home many people ask how our process works.

The answer is simple, we can ship any home, anywhere. Let’s dive into it.

Shipping your home package with Linwood is designed to be an easy and streamlined process.

All of the Design and Material Packages are pre-cut, assembled and carefully organized in our head office. They are then examined for quality and quantity to ensure the specifications match your order. Once they pass the final quality tests they are then expertly packed via forklift. And loaded onto flatbed trucks safely. Photos are taken of the package leaving the yard, as well as arriving on-site to ensure quality every step of the way.

Our home packages are unique in the sense that they are compact and very easy to ship by truck, train, barge or even aircraft. In our over 50 years of business, we have shipped everywhere from off-grid locations, different countries and busy city centers.

linwood barge

House Kit Delivery Worldwide

We have delivered to all kinds of locations in the US and Canada as well as to over 26 different international destinations. A lot of our business is relatively close to major population areas but we are also specialists in delivering prefab homes to more remote regions. We work with you and your builder to make sure quality structural and exterior finishing materials are ready on-site and available when needed for construction.

linwood truck

Method of Delivery

Most often we ship by container or by truck depending on what is needed for our customers. In either case, our shippers are experts in loading to meet volume and weight constraints in order to prevent damage. Shipping long distance by container is popular – as long as it can be easily unloaded at the final destination. If trucks are used we make sure they are the right size to minimize your shipping costs.

Timing Your Shipment

We coordinate timing with you and your general contractor to determine the best delivery date. The shipment is usually timed to arrive on your lot when the foundations of the home are poured and in place so the builder can start construction right away.

Once final decisions are made the materials can be manufactured and shipped while the general contractor is clearing the site and preparing foundations. Your home will arrive directly on your lot ready to build.

Shipping Costs

We only charge the actual 3rd party cost on delivery with no mark-up. Custom homes contain a lot of specialty items that are not available at local lumberyards. We factory organize all materials needed and ship them together. This is less costly than having multiple deliveries of components from different manufacturers going to the building site.

In general, the more trucks required to ship the home, the higher the cost will be. If you are ordering a large multi-level home kit, you may require multiple trucks to safely transport the custom home. Shipping to more remote areas may also increase the cost, in rare cases, the homes have been shipped by helicopter to remote regions and in cases like that, the cost of the aircraft is substantially more than traditional shipping costs. Shipping costs are certainly something to factor into your initial budget when you are planning your new home.

pouring foundations

Unloading Your Home Package

Unloading the home package on-site is a delicate process and it must be done carefully by an experienced crew. Depending on the size of your kit, the process should only take 1-2 hours.

Our materials are all clearly marked by area of use and loaded so that they can be easily sorted when they arrive at their destination. The construction drawings use the same identification numbers. As a result the builder quickly finds what is needed at each stage of construction. This saves a lot of time and also prevents mistakes by making sure the right material is used in the correct place.

Contact Us to Learn More

The best way to get more information about our house kits and shipping methods is to give us a call. The team at Linwood Homes would be happy to help answer your questions and give you more information about our process and potential shipping costs. Click the link to contact us.