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February 14, 2022

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A Home as Unique As You Are

Denis and his wife Debbie had a passion for all things medieval, so when they decided to build a custom Linwood Home, they included their own spin on a historic dining hall in the basement! ūüŹ° Take the tour of this design and hear our client’s heartwarming testimonial about their new home!

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Home Building Made Easy

Denis and Debbie were not new to homebuilding. As he mentions, “Actually, this is the fourth time we’ve built a home for ourselves. So we enjoy the process. We like being the general contractors, we are very hands-on, Debbie’s got a great eye for design. And after going through, the builds, we had a bit of experience. As you go through various stages in life, we came to sort of a conclusion about what we wanted. And we thought it would be another interesting adventure to build, but we wanted the support of an excellent architect or architecture team.”

“When we found out about Linwood, a number of things really resonated with us. First of all, the idea of virtually unlimited iterations of your design, you know, the way it was explained to us is, go through this massive catalog, find something that seems to sort of speak to you to your needs, design ethic, all that kind of stuff. And then eventually, you start customizing it.”

At Linwood Homes, we offer complete design flexibility, so our clients can choose any floor plan they like and we can create a design that is customized to fully meet their needs. Our team also offers dedicated support throughout the entire project. From concept design to shipping and completion of the build, our Project Advisors are there to help you every step of the way.

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A Medieval Twist

Due to Linwood’s fully-custom capabilities, all of our floor plans can be modified and customized to accommodate unique requests. Denis and Debbie wanted a wine storage cellar to double as a Medieval-style dining hall.

As Denis says, “My father was in the military, and we lived overseas for eight years so I spent a lot of time visiting castles as a kid and I just love that stuff. I’m a bit of a history nerd. I like this stuff, medieval swords, all of that.”

When building their Linwood Home, they factored in the need for a wine cellar that conveniently could double as a dining area. “I’m a bit of a wine enthusiast. We collect wine, and we just thought, okay, well, why not do this?”

“The nice thing about that is it keeps the wine nice and cool and dark. The deviation of temperature varies very little from the hottest days of summer to the coldest days of winter. It just took some imagination and a very supportive wife. So now we have this medieval pub and a, you know, a little wine cellar.”

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The Linwood Experience

A Fully Immersive Home Tour

Denis and Debbie were able to take part in a Linwood home tour in order to determine whether or not they liked the style of homes in person. Although we do not offer these tours across North America, they are popular in our Ontario locations.

As Denis says, “One of the things that I really liked what Chris Fleming (Linwood Project Advisor) does, is they organized tours. So we went on on a couple of home tours, and we think it’s a great idea, if you have the luxury of some time, go on a tour, talk to the homeowners, and you’re going to get great insights. But also, it gives you the ability to see it first hand. You may think you may like a certain thing about a loft, or a certain style of a window, but nothing beats standing by that window, standing back, looking through it. That was just such a great experience. We could then really, truly see what our version of the Jasper was going to look like. And it came out exactly what was in our minds. So it was a great experience.”

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Proactive Problem Solving

Custom construction can come with a variety of setbacks. It’s important to have a team that you can trust ready and willing to help you at a moment’s notice. Denis outlines how the team at Linwood took what could have been a stressful situation and turned it into an even better outcome.

“There were two little surprises, but to Chris’ praising and also Linwood at corporate, they were fantastic. First of all, nobody got into the blaming of anything. Nobody was shirking responsibility. Rather, what they did is they worked with our framers, and they came up with an even better solution. So we got the benefit of something that was even better. One example is the beam directly above us. Originally, it was an oversight, the beam wasn’t delivered. Chris got on the phone with corporate and within days, this thing is, it’s there. And they said, well, listen, we’re going send you an oversized one, just trim off the parts you don’t need. But then the service, they just jumped through hoops. And it turned out, we were not delayed at all, no additional costs were incurred and now we have a medieval pub. And in the medieval pub, we actually got a friend of ours, who’s a very talented carpenter, a local fellow. And we said, can you build a medieval heavy-duty table and chair set from the excess beam? That’s exactly what happened.”

“So something that, you know, could have been drama could have been chaos or blame, was not that way at all. It was done exceedingly well, with no hassles. And we got this gorgeous table. So again, you know, hats off, as I’m saying, due to excellent people that don’t freak out, take things calmly, professionally, and are solutions-oriented because there’s always going to be some little hiccup. The question is, it’s not what happens in your build, it’s how people respond to what happens to solve the issue. And I, you know, I don’t think we could say enough positives on that on that.”

“Out of all the other builds, we’ve never felt as much support from the designer or anyone ever. We are very, very happy.”


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