Everything You Need to Build Your Dream Home

With over 50 years of experience, Linwood Homes is recognized as an industry leader in custom home construction. This is because of our outstanding home designs, great materials, and customer service. We simplify the construction process letting you build your dream home easier.

What is a Linwood Home?

Linwood Homes provides the complete building solution. We have full custom design capabilities and an existing gallery of over 500+ homes. We specialize in our pre-fabricated home packages. These homes can be shipped worldwide, directly to your build site. Our packages include permit-ready drawings and all of the materials you need to build the home to lock up.

Linwood Homes

1) Affordable Custom Design

Our team of in-house experts create award-winning custom home designs for considerably less. Traditionally, those looking to build custom would have to work with several different parties, architects, builders, engineers, draftsmen. However, this takes time, money and effort. At Linwood, you get this and more all under one roof. Our prefabricated building options, a network of local builders and streamlined process make us a complete building solution for your project.

You get true, site-specific design to suit your building lot. Design a home based on your own unique concept or choose from our 500+ existing designs. We offer concept design, detailed blueprints and foundation plans. This combined with our quality materials makes up your Linwood Design and Material Package.

Linwood Homes Modern Home Design

2) Premium Building Materials

Choose from a wide range of premium building materials. Linwood’s building materials are selected to offer the best performance for the price. We have a longstanding relationship with our vendors which benefits our clients. You get brand name products with meaningful warranties, shipped efficiently to your building site. Our homes come pre-cut with all of the materials you need to build the home to lock-up.


3) Technical Expertise

You or your builder can access our team of experts directly at all stages of your project. This includes our professional engineering department, design consultants and construction specialists. This support helps you move your project ahead faster and reduces the chance of costly mistakes. Our team is here for you every step of the way. From the design stage to completion you have leading industry support ready to help at every stage.

post and beam construction

4) Quality Building Options

You can choose to act as a general contractor or hire your own builder.  We have a vast network of builders across North America. If you are looking for someone who can complete your project you can select a quality builder from our network. Additionally, we have resources on how to choose contractors. This helps to avoid issues involved in the building process. Our transparent system enables you to get the best pricing from local contractors and trades.

Linwood Homes

5) More Sustainable from Start to Finish

We have always used resource-efficient, environmentally friendly designs, building materials and construction practices. More than 75% of a typical Linwood home is made from renewable resources. Because your material package is exact, material waste is kept to a minimum during construction. This adds value to your home and saves money while building. In addition, many of our clients choose to modify their homes for energy efficiency. We’ve designed homes with solar panels, energy-efficient windows and doors, and high R-value specifically designed to minimize carbon output.

With Net-Zero and energy step codes being introduced to many markets, we are able to make the modifications to your home to meet any local standard.

Start Your Project With Linwood Homes

If you are interested in designing your dream home, we are just a phone call away. Connect with our team in a free consultation to discuss your project needs and goals. We are excited to work with you and look forward to hearing from you soon. Contact us or call 1-888-546-9663 to get started. You can also join our community on social media, follow Linwood Homes on Facebook and Instagram to see project updates, Q&A sessions and more.