New Linwood Home Designs of 2021
September 28, 2021

We have added some incredible new home designs to our gallery this year! With new homes being built across North America every month at Linwood, it’s often difficult to determine which of our many models become new designs on our website.

We look at multiple different factors when it comes to creating new home designs. For example, the home has to have a functional floor plan, it needs to be a good fit for many different lot types and it needs to bring something fresh and new to our gallery.

This year we have added 11 new models to the website and each is wonderfully unique. Some are designs that were previously awarded as Early Bird Cottage Prizes for the Princess Margaret Lottery in Ontario, others are homes built as custom models by our clients.

From modern homes, post and beam designs, and rustic cottages, there is a great variety in our new models. Enjoy the full list of our designs for 2021.

newboro 2

1. The Newboro 2

Modern, sleek, and innovative this model makes the perfect contemporary home or cottage. It features classic elements of post and beam design, but with a modern, west-coast style twist.

red leaves 2

2. The Red Leaves 2

A classic look with plenty of space. This is an excellent option for families. The Red Leaves 2 has a walkout basement and a spacious balcony. It’s ideal for any view property.


3. The Almonte

A regal tone with timber-frame accents gives the classic farmhouse look a twist! This design was a popular previous Princess Margaret Lottery Early Bird Cottage Prize home. We had so many inquiries about this model that we decided to add it as a design in the gallery.


4. The Antler Trail 2

This is a modified version of our most popular model, the Antler Trail. This design features a walk-out basement and plenty of balcony space. It builds on some of the features in our existing Antler Trail model and really takes this design to the next level.


5. The Baltimore

Floor to ceiling windows and a stately charm, this model is ideal for view properties. The Baltimore model also has a 3 car garage, perfect for the avid car collector.


6. The Hillier

A classic farmhouse style with a walkout basement and beautiful post and beam accents, the Hillier model is a great option for a family cottage.


7. The Summersweet

Fresh and clean this beautiful family home is simple yet elegant.

halls glen

8. The Halls Glen

Stylish decorative shingles add rustic appeal to this multi-level design. Inside there is a cozy upper-level loft space that is open to below.

windwood 2

9. The Windwood 2

Retreat to the cottage in style with room for the whole family. This design is versatile and complements a variety of lots.

the brookfield

10. The Brookfield

A classic design with a truly elegant appeal. The Brookfield model features a double-car garage and two spacious bedrooms. The upper-level loft space is also an excellent home office area. 

green bay 2

11. The Greenbay 2

The Greenbay 2 features a spacious balcony. It is based on a classic post and beam cottage design and takes rustic to a new level. With both the master and bedrooms on the upper level, this is a simple yet comfortable floor plan. 

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