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August 25, 2021
custom cottage in the muskokas

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 Located on Buckhorn lake in the beautiful Kawarthas, Ontario, Bruno shares his heartwarming experience about building a custom cottage with Linwood Homes. 

After nearly 2 years of looking at cottages for sale, Bruno could not find the right fit, saying “they didn’t give me even a quarter of what I was looking for.” 

He decided to design his own home and saw that Linwood offered the opportunity to do just that. “They gave me everything that I wanted within one building project.” 

custom cottage linwood homes

Design Flexibility 

Many of our clients decide to build custom homes after years of searching the real estate market for existing dwellings – only to come out empty-handed. Often, they cannot find exactly what they are looking for and turn to custom construction to get what they want without compromise. 

We offer 500+ designs in our gallery and every one of our models can be modified to meet your unique needs and budget. We also have full custom capabilities, so you are able to build something completely unique to you. 

Bruno chose to modify our popular Majestic design, adding an attached garage, extended dining room, and basement wine cellar.

scenic shot of cottage

A Personalized Client Experience 

At Linwood Homes, our team is there with you every step of the way to facilitate the process of building your home. From conceptual design to support during construction, you have a dedicated Project Advisor committed to your project. 

cottage living room

Bruno touches on his experience with Linwood’s customer service saying: “I came up here to look at the lot and Craig McFarlane (Linwood Project Advisor) came out and he spent 45 minutes with me. That type of customer service, to me, meant the world.” 

cottage living room

We are dedicated to providing an elevated customer service experience to our clients it’s part of what makes us the complete building solution. There are many moving pieces when it comes to custom construction and your dedicated Project Advisor is there to assist you at each stage of your build. “I would recommend them wholeheartedly, as a matter of fact, with the house I’m looking at building next door, I would not hesitate using Linwood again,” Bruno says. 

kitchen cottage

Site-Specific Design 

The property you choose to build on is just as unique as you. At Linwood, all of our designs are site-specific which means we consider the features of your property when designing your home. This is beneficial for many reasons, you can maximize the natural characteristics of your land and save on-site development costs when the home is designed specifically for your property. 

site specific design

Bruno mentions his experience with site-specific design saying, “I had in my mind an idea of what I wanted. I like to build things square and Craig (Linwood Project Advisor) suggested turning the house at about a 15-degree angle to capture more of the view of the lake. I was very happy with that because it turned out it was quite spectacular being able to see the vistas and what nature has to offer.” Bruno was able to maximize his viewpoints and sight-lines with the right site-specific home design. 

cottage dining room

Likewise, the dining room in his home was positioned perfectly to take advantage of the views as well. “The room where I ended up putting the dining room, just being able to see the lake from two different vantage points just sitting at the table is quite spectacular.” 

cottage loft

Your land plays a very important role in custom home construction and if there are aspects of your property that you love, custom home design can emphasize those features so you can enjoy them every single day. 

cottage property

Start Your Project With Linwood Homes

If you are interested in designing your dream home, we are just a phone call away. Connect with our team in a free consultation to discuss your project needs and goals. We are excited to work with you and look forward to hearing from you soon. Contact us or call 1-888-546-9663 to get started. You can also join our community on social media, follow Linwood Homes on Facebook and Instagram to see project updates, Q&A sessions and more.

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