Custom Homebuilding 

Since 1968, customers have enjoyed the safe, easy, and efficient Linwood Process. We have built 10,000+ high-quality homes using our home packages and house kits.

The Newboro

The Complete Homebuilding Solution


We offer a complete range of home design options. Select a Linwood model, modify a design, or create something completely custom to fulfill your vision. Working with expert sales staff and drafting team, any design becomes possible.


Linwood’s premium materials are prefabricated to fit your unique design and property. Our team assembles your house kit to be shipped directly to your site. Faster construction, quality lumber, exact quantities, less waste.


Whether you are hiring a general contractor, managing a construction team, or building the home yourself, Linwood offers an extensive
network of expert advice. We vet builders and their quotes,  to get your home at the right price.

Designs for Every Style

From award-winning cottages, cabins, and modern homes,
our custom design process builds your dream home.

Building Dreams

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