Builder Testimonials

Quality builders say they prefer building Linwood custom cedar home packages or home kits. They can build faster and with less waste due to Linwood’s detailed construction drawings, superior materials, and knowledgeable network of in-house specialists.

Exceptional Plans and Materials

Builder Brian McNeely recommends Linwood Custom Homes
Brian McNeely

Superior quality to anything else I have seen on the market… “Linwood’s material package is superb. The lumber is consistently straight, dry and by far, superior quality to anything else I have seen on the market. The doors, windows and roof system that complete the package are first rate and make my job as a builder go exceptionally well.”
Brian McNeely, Complete Carpentry

I highly recommend Linwood for the quality of their product… “I have built more than 300 Linwood homes in the past 29 years. I have experienced the professionalism and care Linwood takes when preparing a home package for delivery. I highly recommend Linwood for the quality of their product and the service to their customers”.
Tom Netzlaw, Crown Property Developments

Builder Frank Morocco recommends Linwood Custom Homes
Frank Morocco

Better quality and a greater value for the home buyer… “Using a combination of a Linwood design, their services and materials, I can construct a custom home to lock-up for better quality and a greater value for the home buyer in this region. Simply put, Linwood is superior.”
Frank Morocco, Timber Ridge Homes

Materials that are – hands down – the best in the world… “I prefer building Linwood homes. By working with Linwood, we get to start with superior plans and work with materials that are – hands down – the best in the world.”
Chad Boulay, Blue C Construction

A clear endorsement for the quality of Linwood drawings… “I talked with the building department again about the (Linwood customer) project. The inspector did not realize I was talking about Linwood when we last spoke. Now that he does he said ‘because Linwood’s drawings are so good’ he will not require a schedule B1 and B2 or a C-B. (This means the inspector will accept responsibility with minimum additional work.) I have never heard such a clear endorsement for the quality of Linwood drawings.”
Lynn Trott, P.Eng. Granite Engineering

The best framing lumber, cedar and solid timbers… “The West Coast, and Linwood in particular, is known for the best framing lumber, cedar and solid timbers in the world. As a builder located in the Eastern US, Linwood enables me to create an affordable custom home product using exceptional materials.”
Mark Cartwright, M&J Building Contractors Inc

The designs and materials can be customized to meet our climate… “We’ve had incredible success with the Linwood package in Hawaii. The designs and materials can be customized to meet our climate. Also, Linwood’s factory direct pricing gives affordable access to excellent materials that, otherwise, could not be found here.”
Morris Takushi, Hawaii 5-0 Construction

Outstanding Expertise and Support

Builder Mike Parlevliet recommends Linwood Custom Homes
Mike Parlevliet

I can’t think of a better company to partner with… “I have built and consulted on hundreds of Linwood custom homes since 1988. As a builder with extremely high standards, I can’t think of a better company to partner with in the building industry.”
Mike Parlevliet, Parlevliet Construction

A pleasure to work with… “I recently reviewed the drawings for a Linwood client to design and engineer the trusses for production. I have been in both the architectural and truss industry for over 25 years and the Linwood plans are some of the best I have ever come across. They are a breath of fresh air and a pleasure to work with.”
Dave Jochim, CET, Senior Truss Designer

Builder Anthony More recommends Linwood Custom Homes
Anthony Moore

A cost-effective solution for our building projects… “Linwood provides a complete, cost-effective solution for our building projects, including design expertise, outstanding building materials, and excellent technical support. With the Linwood system, we can build quality custom homes quickly and meet customer budgets.”
Anthony Moore, US Homebuilders

Builder Paul LeSage recommends Linwood Custom Homes
Paul LeSage

Linwood communication is excellent… “I tell my customers if they want a custom home designed and built right the first time, then I would use a Linwood design and material package. Linwood consistently gets it right, without costly errors in the end. I trust Linwood for overall excellence.”
Paul LeSage, Paul LeSage Construction

Faster Construction and Completion

Builder David Heaslip recommends Linwood Custom Homes
David Heaslip

Made construction manageable in a compressed timeframe … “Linwood was an incredible partner in the building process, and made the construction aspect of the project manageable in a compressed timeframe.”
David Heaslip, Muskoka Builders

Higher finished quality in less time … “With a combined 48 years industry experience, we have never come across material and service that rivals what we have seen from Linwood. This translates into dramatically higher finished quality. Also, less time is needed for overall construction and by the finish trades.”
Todd Bevan, Bevan Remodeling LLC

Builder Lee Niemen recommends Linwood Custom Homes
Lee Niemen

Fast build times, and the ability to ship anywhere … “Though incredibly beautiful, Alaska presents many challenges for builders. Climate, affordable high-quality material, and shipping to remote locations are just a few. The Linwood system addresses these issues with fast build times, outstanding factory direct materials, and the ability to ship anywhere.”
Lee Niemen, Hardy Construction

The capacity to build it out in 18 months … “We know (Linwood) has the capacity to build it out in 18 months. They’re a sophisticated operation. They have the ability to ramp it up if the rate of travel on sales and delivery has to increase, and if it slows down they can adjust.”
Mark Galligan, Mountain Beach Resorts Inc.

Saves Time and Money

Builder John Iwanczuk recommends Linwood Custom Homes
John Iwanczuk

Our clients’ homes appraise considerably higher… “Our clients have been reporting that their Linwood homes have appraised at considerably more than the cost they took to construct. With Linwood supplying a high quality ‘dry-in’ package and our construction management program we can build a custom home for 15% to 30% less than the average price for a custom home in this region.”
John Iwanczuk, Bevan Remodeling LLC

Saves time during the construction process … “Linwood provides the attention to detail that saves time during the construction process. Linwood construction plans include all dimensions with exact locations for placing walls, beams, windows and more. The Linwood materials list is also excellent. This kind of intricate detail saves everyone time.”
Neal Smart, Castle Timber Homes

The Linwood system – keeps my prices competitive for customers … “The Linwood system – with its design and building material package or kit – enables me to do the job of building on site, and keeps my prices competitive for my customers.”
Justin King, King Construction Services

Linwood is my competitive advantage … “As a builder and developer delivering competitively priced custom homes to my clients, Linwood is my competitive advantage. Linwood has the resources to design award-winning custom homes for each building lot and create a corresponding home package. This enables me to eliminate costly architectural design fees.”
Chris Fleming, Calabogie Construction Services & Properties

Build a unique, energy-efficient home … “My goals are to maximize the value of each building lot and build a unique, energy-efficient home. Linwood gives me the best system to do this – and the ability to add the greatest overall value.”
Bob Granberg, Granberg Construction Ltd.

Less Expensive Waste

Builder Todd Bevan recommends Linwood Custom Homes
Todd Bevan

Reduces waste by at least 75% … “The Linwood package system reduces waste by at least 75%. Rather than two 40-yard dumpster loads, we now only have enough waste to fill a box truck, which saves money for the customer and space in the landfill.”
Todd Bevan, Bevan Remodeling LLC

With a Linwood home package, waste is greatly minimized… “In typical construction there’s a very rough idea of how much lumber is needed for a house. However, (Linwood counts up) every component that will go into a home (package), so any waste is greatly minimized.”
Roy Gattinger, Purchasing Manager

Other Special Advantages

Build of timber frame home package provided by Linwood Custom Homes. Retired builder Ed Kloosterman thoroughly enjoyed the process.
Ed Kloosterman building timber frame home from Linwood

The custom kit was excellent… “The custom kit supplied by Linwood was excellent. As a builder, I have always wanted to build a timber frame home. I thoroughly enjoyed the process.”
Ed Kloosterman, Long-time Builder

Above reproach in their work ethic … “ (Based in the Bahamas), I visited Linwood in Canada and found their materials to be of a high quality I have not seen in the industry for a number of years. Our company has found them to be above reproach in their work ethic and business demeanor.”
Harry McDonald, Principle Design & Development

Special houses to fit our market… “Linwood designed special houses to fit our market. We went ahead and marketed those houses and they built them for us. And they sold very, very well. It wasn’t an off-the-shelf design. You’re not going to see these in the next subdivision by another large builder. They’re unique”
Darrell Chambers, Abraxus Group

Linwood uses only the best natural materials… “Linwood uses only the best natural materials. People absolutely love the homes. For many it’s been a life-long desire to own a Linwood home, and they are thrilled that they can build one in the geographical place of their choosing.”
Sarah Corker, Wilcor Development Group

Incredible value because of the ability to do site-specific design… “Linwood adds incredible value because of the ability to do site-specific design. The natural materials in Linwood home packages are also an advantage – people can be environmentally responsible at an affordable price.”
Greg MacKinnon, Atlantic Dream Homes

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