Outstanding Support and Expertise

Builder Mike Parlevliet recommends Linwood Custom Homes
Mike Parlevliet

I can’t think of a better company to partner with… “I have built and consulted on hundreds of Linwood custom homes since 1988. As a builder with extremely high standards, I can’t think of a better company to partner with in the building industry.”
Mike Parlevliet, Parlevliet Construction

A pleasure to work with… “I recently reviewed the drawings for a Linwood client to design and engineer the trusses for production. I have been in both the architectural and truss industry for over 25 years and the Linwood plans are some of the best I have ever come across. They are a breath of fresh air and a pleasure to work with.”
Dave Jochim, CET, Senior Truss Designer

Linwood communication is excellent… “Linwood plans are well thought out. They use quality material. As a builder, it is crucial to be able to work with the supplier and the customer. Linwood builder/supplier communication is excellent”
Paul Le Sage, Paul Le Sage Construction

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