How Long Does It Take To Build A Custom Home?


When planning your new home, it is important to start with the end date in mind. Ask yourself – when do you want to be living in your new home? It is then important to factor permit timing, build timelines, land development and up-front planning time to get a more realistic sense of your overall project timespan.

Many underestimate the amount of time it takes to build a home and a lot of that time is not in your control. However you can minimize the total time it takes by doing things in the right order.

There are 7 main stages in creating your custom home. Below we have listed them along with the corresponding timelines. This information is based on average build data and industry averages from our 10,000+ projects.

1. Preliminary Design Creation

Preliminary design creation tends to take 4-8 weeks. This is where you make the critical design choices and decisions that are necessary to start your building timeline. This time estimate includes the customer consultation, design walkthrough, and a 3D computer generated model of the design. This is where the real magic of your dream home happens.

2. Finalize Design & Material Package

Finalizing the design and materials package takes around 1 week. You and your Linwood representative will go over any changes that need to be made to the design. Once you are happy with the design layout, we begin drafting the working drawings for the new home.

3. Obtain Building Permits

Obtain permits and approvals. The amount of time it takes to get permits and city approvals can vary greatly in different states and provinces. It’s best to apply for permits as soon as possible, and be aware that this can take time. Permits are a setback, however, when done in advance with a realistic timeline in mind, you can avoid unexpected setbacks to your project timeline.

4. Prepare Foundations

Preparing the site, excavating and pouring foundations takes approximately 2 weeks.

5. Framing The Home To Lock Up

It takes about 4-5 weeks to frame the home to the critical lock-up stage. At lock up, the home is complete on the outside and work can begin on the interior.

6. Utilities, Insulation & Drywalling

Expect 4-6 weeks to complete all of the stages that take your home from lock-up to interior finishing. They are pretty straightforward but they happen much faster when your home has been designed correctly. A lot of duct work can be required when the floor plan didn’t take service hookups into account. Better quality framing lumber also means that drywall is straighter (you’d be surprised how often drywall isn’t straight!).

7. Interior Finishing

Interior finishing is the final step to building your home. Typically it will take about 8-12 weeks to finish. This can depend heavily on your own preferences and style.

Your project completion time can be impacted by several factors. These include:

  • Design selection or creation
  • Permits and approval time
  • Weather conditions
  • Labor availability

Now that you have a general idea for the length of time at each stage of the process, you can work backwards to calculate the total time spent on a projects and use this information to determine when you need to get started.

Linwood’s Streamlined Timeline

Your project will take time, but building a custom home package will better allow you to work to a specific date – we can speed up or slow down as you need!

Linwood designs come pre-cut or panelized and packages ship with all of the material you need to start your build project. Rather than hiring separate architects/designers, working with a lumber yard and organizing your builder, Linwood keeps things simple and central in one place. Our proven process avoids miscommunication, delays and hidden costs. Contact our experienced design team and get started on planning your project and project timeline today.