Why use a Linwood Home Package?

A Linwood home package offers you a better way to build your custom home. Customers typically save $5 to $10 per square foot on the total cost of building an average home. Even greater savings are available on complex designs or in challenging locations.

The package includes custom concept design, construction drawings and all the structural and exterior finishing materials required to reach the important “lock-up” stage.

When used by any good builder the package allows for faster and more efficient construction. It also eliminates a lot of costly time spent estimating, sourcing, purchasing and arranging the delivery of the right quantity of materials to the job site. Select from our large network of local builders or use the builder of your choice.

Linwood offers a better selection and higher quality materials than can be sourced locally. All materials are custom manufactured for each project and are factory organized and clearly labeled so your builder can easily find the items required for each stage of construction. Framing materials are pre-cut. Wall panels can be prefabricated so your builder can work faster with less costly waste.

A Linwood home package also provides fixed prices and guaranteed quantities, together with high-quality construction drawings. This allows builders to provide their customers with reliable fixed quotes to build the structure of the home. Using realistic allowances for finishing, you can finalize a proper budget during the initial design phase.

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