Response to COVID-19 – Linwood Homes

The global COVID-19 situation continues to develop. Governments and businesses alike are increasing their response to ensure the safety of our community. The uncertainty and chaos that COVID-19 has created is unsettling for us all, but together we must take the necessary steps to combat the spread of the virus.

To do so, we are increasing our corporate response to the situation.

At the core of our decision-making are two factors:

  1. Maintaining the health and safety of our employees, our families, and our community.
  2. Ensuring our ability to fulfill our commitments to our customers.

Linwood is in an extremely fortunate position to manage the COVID-19 situation. Even under the microscope of the tightest restrictions, “limiting gatherings to 5 people or less”, we have been compliant. The way we work is already conducive with the necessary steps required to ‘flatten the curve’ of COVID-19’s growth rate, and we will continue to build on that foundation.

Below, we outline the precautions that we are taking:

Our Facility:

1. Minimal Staff on Site

We are operating with a policy of minimal staff on site. This is to enable social distancing, protecting our team members who work on site due to the nature of their roles. Employees, who are able to work from home, are working from home.

2. Separation of Work Zones

Our employees on site are separated into specific work zones to ensure social distancing standards are maintained.

3. Disinfecting Common Spaces and Machinery

We have put in procedures and coordinated the team to disinfect common spaces, worktables, and machinery regularly throughout the day. We require frequent handwashing/sanitization from all employees.

Paperwork and Suppliers:

4. Management of Documents

We have appointed specific members of our staff to deal with all necessary documents. They are taking appropriate measures before handling and distributing any order paperwork.

5. Working with our suppliers

All of our suppliers are taking the necessary steps to contain the spread of COVID-19. We have seen their internal protocols and have full confidence in each of their responses.

General Contractors on Site:

6. General Contractors are adopting a variety of different procedures on work sites to ensure high safety standards. These include:

  • No sharing of tools
  • Frequent hand sanitization and regularly disinfecting tools
  • Limiting sites to one trade at a time
  • Limiting site visiting hours to clients
  • Maintain social distancing minimums on site
  • Use of materials ‘you touch it, you use it’ policy
  • Electronic Billing

Overall, we are satisfied that the General Contractors we work with are doing their utmost to prevent the spread of COVID-19.

Looking Ahead

COVID-19 is a global issue that we, as the worldwide community, must face together. It is impossible to predict exactly what will happen, but we will be closely monitoring the on-going situation and continue to respond accordingly.