Building A Custom Home: Construction


Building Your Home: Homeowner Involvement

Building your custom home is one of the most exciting and challenging aspects of the home building project. It is one of the final stages and it is the period of time that you really get to see your dream become a reality.

The construction of the home is the most expensive part of the project and because it is there are a number of ways that you can save money. We start by understanding how much involvement you want to have on the construction end of your project.

This can be broken down into 3 levels of involvement and one simple rule:

Rule: The greater your involvement the greater your savings.

3 Levels Of Home Building Project Involvement

1) Hiring A General Contractor

This is what most customers do and it involves connecting with a trustworthy general contractor who will organize and assemble the trades as needed. The general contractor will charge a fee on top of the individual trade labour cost for managing the project. This is a great option if you want to take a hands off approach to building your custom home.

2) Acting As Project Manager

A more involved approach to your home building project is acting as the Project Manager for certain sections of the build. A good example of this is the interior finishing. Interior finishing is based off of your decisions and you can save money by hiring trades directly and selecting material on your own. You can act as a project manager for part of your home building project, or the entirety of your project.

3) Being An Owner Builder

As an owner builder you start by pulling the building permits for your home. This means that you are responsible for the entire project. An owner builder would typically hire all of the sub trades required and ensure that they are doing everything as expected. In some cases they would also be doing a lot of the labour themselves such as insulation & drywall.

Linwood has created an Owner Builder Manual which is a step by step guide on how to build to budget, and stay in control of your project. This 140 page document outlines each step of the construction process with details about what to expect.

Selecting The Right Contractor: The Linwood Network

Some customers come to us knowing who they want to build their home – they are family friends, business partners or are acquaintances; they key here is that they trust who they are working with. However, most people don’t have a trusted relationship with someone to build their dream home.

Having been in business for over 50 years we have learned what to look for in a builder and we have a network of over 400 builders all across North America. Most, if not all, of these we have worked with in the past and we will be able to connect you with the right builder wherever you are building.

Linwood Construction

In certain areas, like Ontario, Linwood has a full construction division to service your entire project. We are able to offer a fixed price in the sections of construction where it is possible to do so, and run the project of your behalf.

We use state of the art software to keep you up to date on your project and show you photos along the way. We are committed to consistently improving our solution in every market, through our learning and growth along the way.

Streamlined Build Process

Building a custom home is a streamlined process when you are working with Linwood. Our experienced team can help to counsel you on the best building approach that fits both your needs and your budget. Meet our builder network and decide the approach you want to take when you are building your home. If you have questions about your build project or you are looking to start the custom home design process, contact us today to learn more about custom home design and building.