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A Word From Linwood’s President

To: Our Linwood Builder Network

The market for new homes on larger properties outside of the cities is very strong and likely to remain so. Many of you are experiencing more demand for construction services than you can easily handle. Linwood has always been heavily involved in the design and supply of structural material packages to these kinds of customers and as a result, we have experienced a huge surge in customer demand.

Fortunately, even thru the past recession, we continued to develop our systems and capacity in order to handle additional business. This has paid off big time and means we are still able to accept new business. As a result, we believe Linwood is now the largest custom home designer and supplier in North America.

We have recently noticed a significant trend in interest from builders that are part of our Linwood network in having us work with them to help close their own customers. This is typically for one of two reasons. The first is that they do not have time to work with potential customers to develop designs and then price the project. The other is that the costs of building material prices have risen so fast that they are unable to offer the kind of fixed pricing that customers want. In some cases, in more remote locations they can’t even get materials on a timely basis for their clients which leads to delay and cost overruns.

This underlines the value of working with Linwood. We have such strong long-standing relationships with suppliers that we can still offer fixed pricing and availability of products when needed in construction. Also, our large design library and full custom capability backed up by a state-of-the-art costing system, allows projects to be priced quickly and easily for you.  If you need this kind of support please let us know.

Alternatively, if you want us to deal directly with your customers with respect to the design and material to be used in their home while you do the construction, we are happy to do so. In this case, we will pay you a referral fee based on the value of the home package. This allows you a guaranteed profit on the design and materials with no risk to yourself. This is a unique advantage in these unusual times.

We have always valued the relationship with our builder network in helping us meet the needs of our customers. We also welcome your input on how we can best work together to take full advantage of these exceptionally busy times.

Please contact your local Linwood representative or call  1-855-973-0126.


Bill Mascott

President, Linwood Homes