Homeowner Testimonials

Dreams to Reality

Linwood Customer Nick Lane building his own Linwood custom post and beam home
Nick Lane building his own Linwood Home

The dream of a lifetime … “Building a Linwood home with my own hands was the dream of a lifetime. Linwood lumber is exceptional to work with. I loved every minute of it.”
Nick Lane, British Columbia

More than we ever dreamed possible … “Our home is more than we ever thought it could be. (Linwood has) taken our dream and putting it into quantum mechanics with the incredible beams and high roof pitches. We really had no clue it was going to look this charming and magical on this site. Thank you for helping to make our home so much more than we ever dreamed possible.”
Meg and Scott Stouder, Hawaii

Happy Linwood customers - Paul and Sandy Houston
Paul and Sandy Houston

Something lasting for future generations … “Linwood helped us to achieve our vision of what we wanted in a custom-built home. We wanted to build a home that our children and grandchildren could enjoy – something lasting for future generations.”
Paul and Sandy Houston, Ontario

Completely exceeded our expectations … “I would like to express our most sincere appreciation for helping us to create our dream home. The house itself has completely exceeded our expectations. We knew it would be a great home, but we didn’t anticipate the extraordinary comfort we would feel living the dream.”
David and Kristine Deere, Alberta

Homeowner Julie Taylor is proud of her home the Perthshire
The Perthshire makes Julie Taylor proud

Marvel at this home … “I still stand in the house and marvel that we can have this wonderful home. We’re just so proud of the whole thing.”
Julie Taylor, Scotland

“Linwood is unique and exceptional because of their emphasis on custom.”Bonnie & Arnold Morrison, Ontario

Homeowners Bonnie and Arnold Morrison are proud of their custom home.
The Morrisons love their unique custom home.

One of the most architecturally dramatic … “Our home is not the most expensive on our beautiful 300 acre lake in northern Wisconsin, but it stands as one of the most architecturally dramatic cottages on the lake. Our thanks go out to all the Linwood people who helped our dream become a reality.”
Stephen Albers, Michigan

The end product is an incredible new home … “We all dream of possibilities, projects and goals. But turning dreams into reality is quite an adventure requiring special people to make it happen. Without Linwood our dream would still just have been a dream. The end product is an incredible new home.”
Jenny and Bob Crawford, Ontario

Better Designs

Happy Linwood customer Darlene Cooper got the home plan she wanted.
Darlene Cooper

The plan is exactly as we wanted … “We had a fabulous experience working with Linwood to create our home. The product is excellent. Our sales and design consultant worked with us to get the plan exactly as we wanted.”
Darlene Cooper, Alberta

Totally different from other home packages … “The houses Linwood has designed totally differentiated them from the other home packages we looked at. This was a custom home and took a great deal of time and effort to get the details correct. We really appreciated the personal approach that Linwood took with us throughout the entire process.”
Steven Thornton, Washington

Homeowner Alana Hoever's home the Beech
Custom design made this home accessible

Custom design with wheelchair access … “We wanted a home that was wheelchair accessible. Working with Linwood has made this our custom home. This has been one of the best experiences of our lives together.”
Alana Hoever, Alberta

My new home has attracted quite a bit of attention … “Using the internet I started looking to other countries with a wood tradition in building and found that Linwood had so many interesting models. My new home has attracted quite a bit of attention. The flexibility in plans, quality of materials, strength and looks stand out among other houses in the area. I am very proud of the house.”
K. Lofthus, Norway

A showcase to be proud of … “Thanks to everyone at Linwood Homes our ‘Northbow Lodge’ is a showcase that all those involved can be very proud to be a part of. Your design beautifully complements our area and fulfills our dreams.”
Michele Wheeler, Alberta

Thank you for a superior home design … “We have been in our home a few years now and I can’t tell you how pleased we are. Thank you again for a superior home design with superior material used throughout. Our home is everything we hoped for and more.”
Roger and Liz Nolfe, New York

Variety of designs to choose from … “We loved Linwood’s variety of home designs, and were pleased that with only minor ‘tweaking’ the right ‘fit’ for us was achieved.”
Catherine and Ronnie Woodruff, Washington

Quality Materials Beyond Compare

Linwood Customer Connie Kingsbury liked the design process for her cedar home by the sea.
Connie Kingsbury’s Home

Materials for a home near the ocean … “I liked the design of my home because I had input on how I wanted the house to be. The materials provided were different in my situation because I am by the ocean and I had to have stainless steel nuts, bolts, flashing and whatever else the city said I needed. As far as the cedar, there was more than enough provided to get the house completed.”
Connie Kingsbury, Washington

Excellent quality lumber … “Our contractors, including the foreman and individual carpenters, have remarked on many occasions about the excellent quality of lumber that Linwood provided. They are unable to obtain comparable lumber here. This is quite a testimonial from people with many, many years in the business.”
Stephen Thompson, Virginia

Superior supply of materials and lumber … “Linwood was able to follow through and deliver a superior product with excellent customer service. They delivered a more superior supply of materials and lumber than we could have purchased in Alaska. Linwood also gave us ideas on how to save money without cutting corners in terms of quality.”
Jerry Koetje, Alaska

Homeowner Peter Sideris loved the flexibility to select a variety exceptional materials for his custom home.
Peter Sideris

Linwood gave me the flexibility to select from a wide variety of exceptional materialsPeter Sideris, Ontario

Exceptional quality and materials … “The quality and workmanship of the materials were exceptional and much higher than other materials available in our market. Canada has excellent timber still available and it was worth it to have everything imported across the boarder and delivered to our home site. Everyone who comes to visit us is extremely impressed with the design and quality of this house.”
Steven Thornton, Washington

Excellent quality noted by the building trades … “The quality of materials was excellent as was commented on by all contractors and subcontractors that worked on the project. Some indicated they had never seen wood that nice.”
Tony Koontz, Oregon

Many comments from our contractors … “Our nearly 3000-sq. ft. home with its large windows and open floor-plan has received many comments from our contactors. They are impressed by the high quality of the building materials provided by Linwood. To this day we still receive compliments about the home and its open feel.”
Rod and Carol Mourant, Washington

Other contractors came to see the quality … “The materials are amazing. The contractors building other homes in the area kept coming over and checking out the materials that came from Linwood. They told us they were very impressed with the quality of the wood and plywood. The roof rafters accommodated the highest level of insulation – fantastic for a vaulted ceiling.”
Jacqueline Fowler, Alaska

High quality plywood and lumber … “This has been an excellent experience all around. Various sub-trades and visitors noted that it had been a long time since they’d seen such high quality plywood and lumber.”
Richard Wilson, North Carolina

An Incredible Support Team

Dan and Joanne Charlebois were supported by the Linwood team building their custom home in the Yukon.
Dan and Joanne Charlebois

Location wasn’t an issue for their team … “The Linwood team worked very closely with us even though were building our custom home in the Yukon. Location wasn’t an issue for their team.”
Dan and Joanne Charlebois, Yukon

Kept the project rolling and on budget … “Sometimes we forget that this would not have been possible if were not for you (our Linwood consultant). From helping us develop a design that fit our space, budget, and our needs, to connecting us with our builder. Everyone worked hard to keep the project rolling, and on budget.”
Devin Barrett, Washington

Linwood Customer Richard Baumann's project was one of the most enjoyable experiences he's ever had. Looking up at home.
Richard Baumann’s Home – the Dover

One of the most enjoyable experiences I’ve ever had … “The quality of the materials supplied by Linwood is the best I have ever seen. In terms of the build, Linwood was first class from start to finish. No issue or concern was left unaddressed. This project was one of the most enjoyable experiences I’ve ever had.”
Richard Baumann, Michigan

Only Linwood can make your house a home … “We looked at all the major (competitors) before choosing Linwood. They can build you a similar house, but if you want the best materials, the best service from people who care about you, then only Linwood can make your house a home, part of the Linwood family.”
Paul Jones, Washington

Linwood Customers Cindy & Peter Ouimet enjoyed Linwood going the extra mile.
Cindy & Peter Ouimet.

Always went the extra mile … “Everything was on time and went exactly as promised. Our Linwood sales and design consultant always went the extra mile. She put a ray of sunshine on our new home.”
Cindy & Peter Ouimet, British Columbia

Enjoyed working with the Linwood team … “After doing some research, I figured out that Linwood’s product was indeed superior. I thoroughly enjoyed working with the Linwood team. We had a lot of fun together. They worked to create a dream, and they got it.”
Gary Mainor, Colorado

Linwood Customer Gary Mainor enjoyed working with Linwood to create a dream home.
The Mainor family worked with Linwood to create their dream custom home.

You were always available to help … “Our Linwood representative didn’t walk away once the materials were delivered and paid for. He was always available to help when there were issues or questions.”
Pat Lenahan, Washington

The door to my cabin will always be open … “We love our little cabin in the woods. I want to take time to acknowledge my Linwood consultant for his part in my little slice of heaven. The door to my cabin will always be open when he walks up to it.”
Micki Hazen, Washington

Better Value

Linwood Customers Mark and Penny Waghorne like the great quality of their natural custom cedar home.
Mark and Penny Waghorne

Natural and of great quality … “The quality of the Linwood product speaks for itself. Our Linwood home sits on two acres of property. We were able to created something that was natural and of great quality.”
Mark and Penny Waghorne, Ontario

We will have lots of equity the day we move in … “It would have been a lot harder to general the job without Linwood. Due to the fact that we built the house ourselves we will have lots of equity the day we move in. We could not have done it without you. I can’t remember the last time I had as much fun.”
Michael Myers, Washington

Affordability and flexibility … “(Linwood offered) affordability and flexibility – being able to choose the foundation and design changes, and to work with our Linwood consultant to customize the house to our specifications and needs. We recived good customer service and a salesperson who we trusted and relied on, and who was patient with our concerns and walked us through the rough spots.”
Georgia Matterson, Washington

Linwood Customer Christine Stallard enjoyed the ability to change her design without hiring an architect. The Sebastian
Christine’s Home – the “Sebastian”

Expertise without hiring an architect … “Linwood offered the ability to change our design without the extra expense of hiring an architect.”
Christine Stallard, Oregon

Home withstood hurricane Ivan … “I thought I would let you know how our Linwood home fared during hurricane Ivan, the worst hurricane to hit Cayman Islands in over 70 years. My husband stayed in the house during a battering that lasted over 24 hours with gusts of over 220 mph. I cannot express how happy I am that my home withstood this disaster and after seeing what happened to many of the concrete homes on the Island, I am certainly impressed with Linwood.”
Liz Mayne, Cayman Islands

Equity vs. investment will be substantial … “The design of our home is beyond expectation. People drive by and just stop and stare. We are extremely happy with everything about our home. We have a lot invested in our home and it is really hard to evaluate equity at this point due to the market situation but I expect that in the future our equity vs. investment will be substantial.”
Harry and Trudy Borst, Washington

The exact home we wanted … “My husband and I searched several months for a company to entrust with our dream home. We had difficulty translating it onto paper. Our Linwood consultant’s unsurpassed knowledge of the design process culminated in the perfect working relationship. We got the exact home we wanted rather than having to settle for a ‘ready made’ home package.”
Therese Dunphy, British Columbia

Quality, price and enthusiasm … “Quality, price and enthusiasm were three reasons we chose Linwood. We highly recommend them.”
Phyllis Walton, Ontario

Rave Reviews

Linwood Customers Barb and Al Harrington got a design that would grow and be their home for life.
Barb and Al Harrington

“Linwood was able to provide a design that would grow with us and be our home for life.”
Barb and Al Harrington

“I’ve wanted a wood home ever since I was a teenager. And now, this is it. It really is a dream come true.”
Trevor Kidd

“We’re extremely pleased. I’d highly recommend Linwood to anyone. We really had fun building it.”
Paul Melnuk

Linwood Customer Lucy Carman's home - the Lombard
Lucy Carman’s Home – the “Lombard”

“Linwood was helpful in every sense. They were a real partner in our building experience.”
Lucy Carman

“Linwood took special care to understand the significance of this place in our lives.”
Stephanie Horning

“We wanted a truly special place to spend time with our family.”
Susan Billes

“With our Linwood renovation, there’s no comparison between ‘before’ and ‘after’. I’m extremely pleased.”
Jacquie Mackie

“I’d build another one in a second. But I’m not going to because this is it.”
Capt. Martin Holt

Linwood Customer Bev King's home - the Kingswood
Bev King’s Home – the “Kingswood”

“We love our home. It’s everything we dreamed of for retirement.”
Bev King

“(With Linwood) I could trust someone to build my house while I was far away.”
Peter Boughner

“Everybody loves our Linwood home. It’s the talk of the lake.”
David English

“We couldn’t be happier with our Linwood dream home.”
Diane Kearns

“Careful planning with Linwood resulted in a design that really meets our needs.”
Ron Lalonde

“Our Linwood sales and design consultant was superb throughout the entire process.”
David Kayser

Linwood Customer Alan Moffat got his environmentally sound custom home.
Alan Moffat

“Linwood met my needs for an environmentally sound home.”
Alan Moffat, Oregon

“We couldn’t be more pleased with the outcome. I would work with Linwood again and highly recommend the Linwood team.”
Brian Fulwiler

“People stop and comment on the beauty of our home.”
Ed Hawkinson

“Our experience with Linwood was excellent in all aspects, including the purchase and building process.”
Scott Little

“The quality of everything in our home is exceptional.”
Norm Orbell

Linwood Customer Alma Kloosterman's home - the Townsend formerly the Pinehill
Alma Kloosterman’s Home – the “Townsend”

“Wood is a lovely, living product. It will age with us and never go out of style.”
Alma Kloosterman

“We could call Linwood any time we wanted to and they were very helpful to us throughout the whole process.”
Dr. Susan Carlson

“Our Linwood sales and consultant was great. He took our idea and worked with us the way nobody else would.”
Roy Speers

“I find it hard to leave, and easy to come back to.”
Gary McClean

“We chose Linwood because we liked the ability to design our own cottage.”
Linda Moffatt

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