Birchview Virtual Tour

VR Tour Information

This virtual tour is from a house built from the Birchview home package.

Quicktime VR Navigation
Navigation through the tour is accomplished by placing your mouse pointer over the  image, holding your mouse button, and moving the mouse right and left to change your view. You may rotate the view a full 360 degrees.
Your mouse pointer will turn into an icon of a finger on a globe if you have placed it on a “hotspot” link to another portion of the tour. Click once on a hotspot to enter that area of the tour.

If you wish to make the hotspots visible, click the  icon on the control bar.
Press the  button to zoom in, or the  button to zoom out.

Virtual Tour Requirements:

Quicktime VR – This virtual tour will work in web browsers with the Apple Quicktime Plugin installed and enabled. Sorry, this virtual tour is not supported on any Mobile devices.