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Customers from over 26 countries have found Linwood Packages to be the most economical way to build a home. Read More read more

Building a Linwood Mountain Retreat

One couple’s mountain retreat becomes a friend and family magnet. Read More read more

Building Intricate Bay Lodge – Alaska

A disastrous fire in Alaska has taken a good turn, and a brighter future is being built. Read More read more

Start with the Best Design & Plan

Linwood has consistently won national awards for its house plans. You can choose one of our existing designs, or our complete in-house custom design service, and we will work with you to make any modifications along with material selections to provide your Linwood home building package. Read More read more

Rising River Custom Float Home – Afloat with Style

Floating homes – dwellings permanently moored on shorelines around the world – are making a stylish statement. Amsterdam, Seattle and San Francisco are a few cities noted for their unique floating home communities. Admirers of homes in these idyllic communities, when John de Waal and Shelley Whitlock planned their float home, they had many inspired […] Read More read more

Planning Your Custom Home Package

The Right Questions to Ask Building from a home package can have enormous benefits if you select a proven home package supplier. You also need to know the right questions to ask in order to make the best choices to build real value into your home. Here’s a comprehensive list of questions and other important […] Read More read more

Your Custom Home in One Stop

Linwood has the ability to expertly design your own custom home and create your own material package — all with the advantage of Factory Direct pricing. As a result, you save money since you can take more control over your project and eliminate the middle man. Read More read more

Linwood Cost Advantage

Builders speak out on how Linwood saves you money. Find out why experienced builders think Linwood’s proven design and home package system offers better value, less risk and an overall lower cost to build a quality custom home or vacation home. Read More read more

Why Is Straight Lumber Important?

Locating high-quality, straight lumber can be a real challenge. Linwood customers get straight, appearance grade, kiln dried structural framing lumber for quicker framing and superior finishing. Read More read more

Three Key Steps To Building a Custom Home

There are 3 important steps to building an exceptional custom home. After creating thousands of Linwood design and material packages we have the equation down to a science. Read More read more

Price Protection – Why is it so important?

Understanding what “Price Protection” means can save you thousands of dollars on your new home build. With today’s rising lumber prices, it’s important to understand this terminology and how it might have an effect on the total price of your home package. Read More read more

Need to Build Faster?

Why building a Linwood design and material home package equals speed plus savings. The timeline chart says it all. Read More read more

Why Build Using Post & Beam?

In Post & Beam construction, wall posts support the roof and floor beams. Connections between the posts & beams are made with metal connectors on the building site. Read More read more

8 Value Added Services from Linwood

Linwood offers more than just a home package with materials and building plans. Find out more about these value added services. Read More read more

Custom Package with Factory Pricing

A Linwood Design & Material Package is more than just a lumber package or house kit. You get something unique in the industry – the solution to your own custom design-build, but with factory direct pricing. Read More read more

Custom Design – What do we mean?

The national average for custom home design is 7% of the build cost. However, when Linwood creates your design and material package, you can save $15,000 to $20,000 on custom home design – including complete concept design and detailed home building drawings. Read More read more

Building Walls – Fast and Fabulous

To panelize or not to panelize? Wall panelization is popular where fast construction is required, skilled labor is limited, or the homeowner wants to act as the general contractor. Read More read more

The Wide World of Windows

Quality windows are a key part of any home package. Find out what some of the more important aspects are. Read More read more

Think Greener this Spring

What is the value of building green? Find out why Linwood design and material packages have growing appeal. Read More read more

Green Facts on Western Red Cedar

Western Red Cedar has been called the world’s most sustainable resource – not surprising to those who work with it. As one of the world’s “most thoroughly researched woods,” Western Red Cedar produces fewer greenhouse gases, generates less water and air pollution, and requires less energy to produce than alternatives. Here’s how it stacks up […] Read More read more

Building A Custom Home: Construction

  Building Your Home: Homeowner Involvement Building your custom home is one of the most exciting and challenging aspects of the home building project. It is one of the final stages and it is the period of time that you really get to see your dream become a reality. The construction of the home is […] Read More read more

Financing Your Custom Home Project

    Usually, during construction you will need to have your finances in order and on hand at various points to pay for all the steps involved, but this can be difficult when you need cash. This can leave homeowners with the burden in between advances. For this reason we’ve connected with banks that understand […] Read More read more

Design Your Dream Home

    Everyone pictures their dream home differently. Some people start in the kitchen imagining how the layout of the room will make their next dinner party a success. Others think if it as a drive by – the home that stands out against all others. Whether you start in the inside or on the […] Read More read more

How Long Does It Take To Build A Custom Home?

    When planning your new home, it is important to start with the end date in mind. Ask yourself – when do you want to be living in your new home? It is then important to factor permit timing, build timelines, land development and up-front planning time to get a more realistic sense of […] Read More read more

How To Plan Your Project Budget

  Everybody has that number in their head; The number that they want to build their dream home for. But a dream home is unlike any other product – the cost is uncertain. Everybody uses the cost per square foot differently and as a result, it can only be relied upon as an estimate. The […] Read More read more

What You Need To Know Before Buying Property

  All types of people are interested in building their dream home. For those who don’t have the patience to read a lengthy article. We’ve put the summary at the top. If something piques your interest check it out below. Read More read more