Other Advantages

Build of timber frame home package provided by Linwood Custom Homes. Retired builder Ed Kloosterman thoroughly enjoyed the process.
Ed Kloosterman building timber frame home from Linwood

The custom kit was excellent… “The custom kit supplied by Linwood was excellent. As a builder, I have always wanted to build a timber frame home. I thoroughly enjoyed the process.”
Ed Kloosterman, Retired Builder

Above reproach in their work ethic … “ (Based in the Bahamas), I visited Linwood in Canada and found their materials to be of a high quality I have not seen in the industry for a number of years. Our company has found them to be above reproach in their work ethic and business demeanour.”
Harry McDonald, Principle Design & Development

Special houses to fit our market… “Linwood designed special houses to fit our market. We went ahead and marketed those houses and they built them for us. And they sold very, very well. It wasn’t an off-the-shelf design. You’re not going to see these in the next subdivision by another large builder. They’re unique”
Darrell Chambers, Abraxus Group

Linwood uses only the best natural materials… “Linwood uses only the best natural materials. People absolutely love the homes. For many it’s been a life-long desire to own a Linwood home, and they are thrilled that they can build one in the geographical place of their choosing.”
Sarah Corker, Wilcor Development Group

The ability to create a sustainable environment… “Our clients want to design their home according to the landscape, and to conserve as much energy as possible. We’ve seen more interest in the inherent natural attributes of Linwood homes – people want to create their own sustainable environment.”
Greg MacKinnon, Atlantic Dream Homes