Saves Time and Money

Builder John Iwanczuk recommends Linwood Custom Homes
John Iwanczuk

Our clients’ homes appraise considerably higher… “Our clients have been reporting that their Linwood homes have appraised at considerably more than the cost they took to construct. With Linwood supplying a high quality ‘dry-in’ package and our construction management program we can build a custom home for 15% to 30% less than the average price for a custom home in this region.”
John Iwanczuk, Bevan Remodeling LLC

Saves time during the construction process … “Linwood provides the attention to detail that saves time during the construction process. Linwood construction plans include all dimensions with exact locations for placing walls, beams, windows and more. The Linwood materials list is also excellent. This kind of intricate detail saves everyone time.”
Neal Smart, Castle Timber Homes

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