Pre-Cut Framing Materials

Linwood pre-cut home packages include all the structural materials required. Framing material is supplied in the right quantity of different pre-cut lengths required to construct each part of the home.

All material is organized and identified by specific areas of use and indexed to the construction drawings so that the builder will be able to easily find the materials needed to complete each task. Rafters in vaulted areas are plumb-cut and notched in the factory to allow fast, accurate site construction and a better finished look. The materials are individually packaged for highly efficient shipping.

Only the best hi-line, export-grade framing lumber is used in our home kits. It is kiln dried for maximum stability and straightness. This lumber is superior to standard domestic product and is not available in the general retail marketplace. It is supplied in long lengths for over-height walls, vaulted spaces, increased floor spans and greater structural strength. This material is preferred by all builders because it results in:

  • faster and cheaper construction
  • straighter walls and superior overall appearance
  • better and cheaper interior finishing work
  • less waste

Framing contractors and building inspectors consistently say that Linwood framing material is the finest they have ever seen. The final result is a better looking and better built home at a better price.

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