Eco-friendly and Energy Efficient

As much as 90% of what makes a home green and energy efficient is the first 10% – the design. Linwood’s Site Specific Design™ process will:

  • enhance the natural features of your property
  • minimize the impact on the environment
  • consider local climate conditions when designing your home
  • help meet Energy Star® certification requirements

You can incorporate as many eco-friendly features as you want during the planning and design process. These may include solar panels, geothermal heat exchange units, grey water recycling, low flush toilets, maximum use of natural light, and increased energy-efficiency factors. The result is the house will use less energy, be less expensive to operate, and cause fewer greenhouse gas emissions.

Linwood home packages have earned high praise for their green building attributes – designed to promote sustainable living and built with environmentally sound materials and processes.

Many homeowners have worked with Linwood to “design in” the features that best suit their project. Download this 5-page article to take a closer look at how Linwood helps homeowners build green.

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