Financing Your Custom Home Project


During construction you will need to have cash on hand ant various points to pay for all of the steps involved. For this reason bank financing can make a lot of sense as long as your bank or finance institution understands the various points in time at which you will need cash.

Some banks aren’t aware and can leave homeowners with the burden in between advances. For this reason we’ve connected with banks that understand the construction process and we’ll make sure that you have money on hand as you need.

These banks give us exclusive offers because we are able to give significantly more price transparency than your regular home builder. Because the package has a fixed price and is the basis for everything else in the project, banks feel more comfortable with builder estimates using our design package.

What Can I Finance?

You can use financing options during all of the major phases of your project. These include the purchase of property and the construction of your home. You can even use financing for both portions in your project if you so wish. 


Banks will finance a land purchase and allow you to buy the property you want. But these loans tend to be restrictive as land alone is not worth as much as a built home on a property.


Most banks will not offer construction loans because quotes can be very inaccurate, depending on the builder. A few banks will give loans if you use one of their registered builders, but the terms can vary greatly and aren’t often in your favour. Linwood has connected with trusted banks across North America that understand the home building process. They like the cost certainty related to our streamlined home design package and are far more likely to approve financing. 

Land & Construction 

Some banks will offer both land and construction financing to roll you into mortgage payments at the completion of the project. This method keeps cash on hand for you and gives the bank more security with the land as an asset.

Financing Options:


In Canada we work with a mortgage broker connected to Dominion Lending. Because they are a broker they are able to shop around and find the best financing option, for you, that the banks have available. Financing is more strict in Canada than it is in the US, but there are still many options to suit your needs.


In the US, we have taken a different approach and work with a number of national banks who are able to finance land & construction. We have selected them based on their ability to service all budgets and projects. Each one has their advantages for our customers.

Banks We Work With Include:

  • Prime Lending
  • Umpqua
  • New American Funding

Moving Your Project Forward With Pre-Approved Financing 

In the beginning, when you start to think about moving down the home building path, it is important to determine whether or not you will require financing. Many choose the financing option for security and project confidence. It is becoming increasingly popular throughout Canada and the United States. If you do require financing for your project, it is best to get pre-approved early. 

All of our banks will give you a pre-approval which lets you know the parameters that you need your budget to work within.  After determining that we take the same site-specific approach for every customer it’s important to understand your land characteristics and then determine how much of the total project budget can go to your home construction. When you have these numbers in mind, it helps us design specifically to your budget and ensure that the project comes out at the number you had planned for.

Start Your Project Now

If bank financing is involved, the simplest approach is to use credit lines based on your overall financial situation. Financing can be used at any step of your project.  Contact us today for more information on financing your project or learn more about the banks that we work with and get your pre-approval process started.