Design Your Dream Home


Everyone pictures their dream home differently. Some people start in the kitchen imagining how the layout of the room will make their next dinner party a success. Others think if it as a drive by – the home that stands out against all others. Whether you start in the inside or on the outside, your dream home will be unique to you.

Most people compromise their dream for the convenience of purchasing a home that is already built, this is why the renovation market is so big. Renovations really don’t give you everything you want. This is why custom design is so critical to creating a home and design that you really want to live in. 

Our Custom Design Process

We have been improving our design process for over 50 years creating new designs to match the needs and preferences of our customers. We started out as a cedar & prow home company and have grown from there. From micro cabins of 500 sq.ft to 45,000 sq.ft clubhouses in Northern China, we’ve done it all.

We have a design library of over 500+ plans and we are aways adding to it. However, the key to design is ensuring that the home comes out at the price you were expecting it to. We call this the design to budget approach.

Design To Budget Approach

The design to budget approach is unique in the custom home building industry as it factors in the total cost of the entire project so that the project falls within your budget. By controlling all the pieces of the home building process we are able to offer a one stop shop where others are not.

The design is the key driving factor of cost as everything centres around it. Labor rates are dependant on the size and complexity of the home, interior finishes are based on the lifestyle that the floor plan creates and having the design be site specific means making best use of your land in the project.

To review the basic equation for designing a home to budget:

Total Project Budget = Site Development Costs + Home Construction Costs

As discussed in our recent post on “Land”, site development costs are the big unknown factor in many projects. However, by asking the right questions one can get a better estimate of what total site development will cost. This gives you the ability to create a site specific design that maximizes your lands characteristics.

Once you have site development costs, you subtract them from your total project budget to determine the home construction costs. Home construction costs are broken down to design & material costs (which are fixed with Linwood) and regional labor rates. The design and materials selected dictate what the total labor cost will be.

Three Ways Design Your Dream Home

We have 3 ways to finalizing a design. You can choose one of our pre-built designs, modify a design or create a unique design that is all your own.

  • Standard Home Designs

As mentioned, our 500+ standard designs have already been created and priced. These serve as a good starting point for beginning the design process. In working to a strict budget or on a tight time schedule – standard is the best way to go.

There are also alternative versions that have been customized and priced for Linwood homeowners for use on different types of building sites. This means that we do not need a design fee for them.

Unique design creation to meet budget requirements involves an extensive amount of work by skilled technical people and will require a fee. The fee is dependent on the complexity of the project.

  • Modified Home Designs

A good way of making a design more specific to you, is by starting with an existing Linwood design. We then can take the look of the floor plan and modify it for you.

You can start with an existing Linwood design that you like the look of and modify it to be completely customized to your needs and preferences. A design fee is only required when significant design work is required to give you the basis for realistic budget estimates and fixed package pricing.

  • Unique Home Designs

Another option, in design, is creating a unique design for you based on the look, size, feel, and interior layout that you want. Many of our customers start from scratch and create something fully custom based on a specific idea they have in mind. We then make sure that the design takes full advantage of all of the opportunities offered by your property and make your unique design site specific.   

Any information that you have to give us as a starting point during your consultation is helpful. This includes pictures or features of a home of interest, architectural concept ideas, or even rough hand drawn plans!

  • 3D Architectural Renderings 

Any design you choose will be rendered in a 3D architectural software. This give you an accurate idea of the look & appearance of your new home.

What Is Included In The Linwood Design And Material Package?


  • Concept development
  • 3D Site Specific Design
  • Full construction drawings, foundation plans and detailed material list


All materials to build the structure of the home to lock-up including:

  • Pre-cut (or panelized) wall/flooring/roof system
  • Energy efficient exterior doors and windows
  • Siding, trim, fascia, soffit

Technical Support:

  • Valuable advice and support for your and your builder when needed

From Design To Materials

Once you are happy with your design you can choose the structural materials needed to build it. The materials bring the exterior of the home to life. At this point your design & material package will bring the home to lock up. At lock up it is then secure, weather-proof, and ready for interior finishing.

We offer two different standard specifications; Advantage and Deluxe, which showcase the wide range of material available. Products can be selected from any specification however some components, including our hi-line premium lumber, are standard.

All materials are fully researched as part of our Performax selection process. This involves a review of quality, appearance, warranty, and price. It also considers value in construction – building faster, lowering finishing costs, reducing waste and getting a better looking result.

The Complete Building Solution

At this point, you will have a price fixed design and material package that is the key factor for the rest of the project. As we will discuss in our next post having the right builder is essential to making this design a reality. Contact us today if you are ready to start the process and design your dream home.