Working with Builders

The first step is choosing a builder who has the technical expertise to build a quality home at the best possible price. Selecting a builder based only on the lowest hourly rate is seldom the best choice.

Using a Linwood design and material home package will enable your builder to give you a better price to build your house to the lock-up stage – the point at which you have a secure weather-proof structure with a finished exterior.

Based on more than 48 years of experience Linwood is able to give you valuable information on how to select and work with the right builders. The objective is for you to get a quality result with the lowest construction costs and built on time and on budget.

All Linwood customers receive a detailed “Working with Builders” booklet upon ordering their home package or home kit. This includes how to work successfully with builders and other contractors.

Just contact a Linwood representative at 888-546-9663 to discuss how to choose a builder for your project.

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