Off-Grid With Linwood

Many Linwood customers build in remote locations, and often include off-grid features in their homes. Berndt and Tuti Von Zehren’s California home is a great example of living off-grid.

Located at about 3700 ft above sea level, the home offers stellar ocean views and generates its own electricity by means of solar panels situated on the roof. In their 3000 sq. ft. home they enjoy the conveniences of a dishwasher, microwave, and full access to power for televisions, computers, lighting and a washer and dryer.

A solar system was not the initial consideration of the Von Zehrens, who had used a generator to power their last home. However, “the structure of the home and its placement on the lot suited the use of solar roof panels,” says Berndt. He decided to investigate the possibility of using a solar energy system. As a result he and his wife made the decision to incorporate one into their new Linwood home. The energy is stored in 12 solar batteries – each about five times larger than the size of a car battery.

They are impressed with the result, and are actually storing more energy than they can use. Like many homeowners they feel the start-up and replacement costs are more than offset by the savings and environmental benefits that come from harnessing the sun’s energy.

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