Free Expert Consultation

A Linwood consultant is happy to discuss the scope of your project with you. There is no obligation on your part in order to have this free, initial consultation. It will provide you with enough information to prepare a rough budget and determine the overall feasibility of your project based on local construction costs.

This free consultation can also:

  • outline what’s involved to build a contemporary post & beam, timber frame, or traditional truss-roof home.
  • provide the information you need to start planning the exterior look and interior layout of your new custom home
  • offer further expertise and clarification – if you have building plans in mind, and can bring them, this is a great opportunity to review them
  • clarify the type of structural materials to give you the best result based on your personal preferences, your building location and budget
  • help you to better understand Linwood’s Site Specific Design™ process and why it’s key in the planning stages of your custom home package.

Should you decide to work with us to build your custom home, the next step is to set a realistic budget for your home project, and then create and finalize the concept design. We will also help you find a builder for your project.

Contact a Linwood representative at 888-546-9663 to book your free consultation and to receive your free “Getting Started” brochure.

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