Budget Preparation

1-Page Rough Budget Interactive Worksheet

Builders using simplistic quotes using dollars per-square-foot prices do not consider all the specifics of a new home project. As a result, these quoted prices will not include the true cost of garages, decks, porches, finished basements and all site work, etc. This is not an accurate way to estimate the cost of building a home, and can lead to large cost overruns.

The key difference in the Linwood approach is that we look at two important things to determine a realistic rough budget:

  1. The design complexity and quality of materials used in building the home.
  2. The actual number of square foot equivalents being built – including all non-living areas.

Based on thousands of homes built, Linwood has developed a much more accurate rough budgeting tool that can help you produce a straightforward, realistic estimate of what your home will cost to build. This tool will give you an idea of whether the kind of home you selected meets your proposed budget.

Contact a Linwood representative at 888-546-9663 to request a copy of this informative “Producing a Rough Budget” document.

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