Green By Design

Linwood Custom Homes have always been green by nature. We provide eco-friendly designs for our custom home packages. Timber crafted home showing responsible use of cedar, timber and natural resources. Linwood Custom Home Packages are known for:
  • Energy efficiency and energy savings
  • Eco-friendly products from renewable resources
  • Reduced environmental impact through less waste
  • Healthy living in a home built with natural materials
  • Minimal environmental impact
More than 75% of a typical Linwood custom home package is made from renewable eco-friendly products. Also, with Linwood’s Site Specific Design™ process and green material product selection, you can integrate added environmentally-friendly features into your custom home package. Linwood custom home packages include natural wood products from forests that are immediately replanted. We do not purchase lumber from old growth forests, and are a long-time subscriber to sustainable development practices.

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